Vaulty 3.0 Released!

The latest, greatest version of Vaulty has been released on the Android Market.  You can download it for free now.

Some of the new improvements include:Vaulty Free Icon

  • more secure
  • faster
  • more stable
  • supports more devices
  • improved design and graphics
  • improved gallery
  • video thumbnails on 2.0+ devices
  • larger thumbnails
  • optimized landscape mode
  • added tutorial
  • date and size in list mode
  • simplified controls
  • better image thumbnails
  • better zoom view
  • improved icon
  • more options
  • update notification for new versions of Vaulty
  • reduced ads
  • no ads in viewer
  • and much more!
Thanks for making Vaulty #1.  It was your support and feedback that helped us make this version so great.  We look forward to making Vaulty even better in the future.  I’d also like to thank the team here at Squid Tooth for all their hard work and dedication.  What are your favorite new features?

Published by

Theron Rogers

Founder, Owner and CEO of Squid Tooth. Loves seeing an application develop from an idea to published product. Also enjoys receiving feedback from users and helping his team and company grow.