Our Story

We’ve been with Android since Google released the first Android device, the G1, in October 2008.  Theron Rogers, the CEO and founder of Squid Tooth, released his first Android apps in May 2010.  What started out as one guy learning about Android has exploded into a rapidly growing company with millions of downloads.  We’re now making some of the best apps and games on Android and regularly releasing more.


Squid Tooth MascotWhy Squid Tooth?

Why not?  We’d love to tell you some fantastic story about how we came up with the name but it wouldn’t be true.  Let’s just say, it’s better than some of the other names we thought of.  You know you like it and how else could we get away with having such an awesome mascot?


Meet the Team

Theron Rogers

CEO, Founder
Theron loves technologies that enable people to do great things, dry British humor, analytics, internet memes, casual video gaming, rapid prototyping & accessible manufacturing, making apps and being part of something bigger than himself.  He also wants you to know he can hold his breath for about three minutes.  He plans on going to space someday, seriously.

Twitter: @TheronRogers

Website: TheronRogers.com


Nathan R.

Product Manager, Developer