Besides making great software, Squid Tooth is a great place to work.  Or I guess you could say that we make great software because this is a great place to work.  We strive to have a comfortable workplace because we’re sure you’re more productive, as well as easier to be around, when you’re happy.  Here you can find out a bit about what it is like to work at Squid Tooth and see our current openings.

Working @ Squid Tooth

No 60 Hr Weeks

We feel that management should be held accountable for their performance just like anyone else and frankly, setting deadlines irresponsibly is a failing on the part of management.   We aren’t going to make our teams suffer.  When the workday is over you shut down your system and go home.  Zombies need not apply.  We are looking for team members who have things to do besides tap keys because we find that this will help them be awesome while they’re at work.

Low Interruption Environment

What?!  Yes!  We respect that we are all trying to get things done.  It’s not fair for anyone to take 10-15 minutes of your time if it isn’t necessary.  It may take them 15 seconds to ask you something or 30 seconds to find the answer themselves.  It will take you 15 seconds to answer them and as much as 10-15 minutes to hit your rhythm again.  If a team member has a question, there’s the internet.  If they have a question specifically for you, they can assign you an inquiry case in our bug tracking software and you will answer it as soon as you have time.

No Stupid Meetings

There will still be meetings but not the kind that take hours of your time just so you can hear the suits think.  You have your job and we’ll leave you to it.

Entrepreneurs Made Here

Have a business idea?  Or maybe you’ve just always liked the idea of starting your own business.  You’ll love working with us then.  We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit providing coaching when starting your business and access to management for advice as well as helping you allocate your time.  We’ll help you transition from moonlighting to part-timing on your other gig.  No hurt feelings.  We’re happy to help and know it’ll help make you happy to work with us.

No Ruts

One of the most frustrating feelings at work is feeling like you’re stuck in the same place.  We take active measures to ensure that this won’t be the case here.  We want to help you progress.  If we choose you to join our team it is because we think you’re great.  We’ll help you reach your potential.  It’s a win, win.

The Right Tools For The Job

Software and hardware – we give you what you need to work well.  Sounds simple but it isn’t hard to find companies that don’t realize how important this is.  Slowing down so your computer can catch up with you isn’t in the job description at Squid Tooth.  (Well maybe a little but only because we’re sure you’re really fast.)  Fact is, keeping our systems current is a priority.  We won’t make you beat your head against a computer that is absolutely dragging.  We won’t ever make your beat your head against anything.  As soon as it’s time, we’ll upgrade.

Current Openings

Sorry, there are no openings currently.  We don’t mean to tease.  These spots fill up quickly.  See above.