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  1. Open Vaulty Stocks
  2. Tap “Gallery”
  3. Tap a folder to view items
  4. Tap the check mark icon up on the action bar
  5. Select the pictures & videos you want to hide
  6. Tap “Hide” to hide selected items


  1. Open a folder in Vaulty Stocks
  2. Tap the check mark icon up on the action bar
  3. Select the pictures & videos you want to move
  4. Tap “Move”
  5. Select the folder to move items to or create a new one


  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. From here you can:

change/add/remove password
change login and security options
access tutorial
Share Vaulty Stocks with a friend
visit our website and pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter
and more



Q – How do I know if I have the most current version?
A – You can check your version number two different ways: below the password box on the start-up screen, or in the “Settings” menu at the very top.

Q – How can I update to the most current version?
A – You can check Vaulty’s page on the Market on your phone and press the “Update” button to install the latest version. You can also set Vaulty to allow for automatic update notices by tapping the “Allow automatic updating” box to check it.

Q – Do I need to keep the free version of Vaulty installed as well as this one?
A – No. You can uninstall the free version if you have this one installed.

Q – Why is taking me to Google Finance instead of my pictures and videos?
A – You are entering the wrong password. It actually functions like a stocks app if you enter anything besides the password. Reset the password using your security question.

Q – What if I forget my password?
A – Simply set a security question, either when prompted in start-up, or later under “Options.” If you ever need to use the security question, tap and hold the Vaulty background image and a window will appear asking for your answer. Your previous password will reset and you will need to enter in a new one. If you forget your security question, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help.

Q – Unvaulted media isn’t showing up in the gallery yet. Where are the files?
A – Your gallery needs time to refresh. You can turn your phone off and then back on to make sure the gallery is refreshed.

Q – Can anyone else see my stuff?
A – No, your files are only stored on your phone or on your phone’s SD card and are never uploaded or saved anywhere else.

Q – If I change phones can I just install Vaulty again and access my images and videos?
A – You need to use the same SD card and/or copy the folder named “.Vaulty” in “DCIM” to your new phone.